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Business Client

Our goal is to maximize the upside but to do it with mitigated risk that you understand. We use an integrated process that empowers educated informed decisions, to better help you achieve your goals.

We have 3 areas that we focus on with our business community:

Benefit Consulting

  • Pension Plans - Retirement packages are a priority for employees and we understand what will work best for you and your employees.
  • Insurance Planning – There’s a lot to protect and we ensure it by helping make the best decisions for your company, your employees and the bottom line
  • Employee Fringe Benefits – This isn’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll work with you to identify which ones makes sense for your company and which ones to avoid
  • Health Insurance – We can help you determine what is the best option out there for your employees.
  • Group Whole Life – Payroll deducted whole life with no declines and no medical for all your employees no matter their age or health.

Business Succession Planning 

  • Business Succession – What it takes to plan for orderly transition when the future is often uncertain but the stakes couldn’t be higher.
  • Buy-Sell Planning – The simple fact is planning ahead helps avoid crisis down the road, by controlling costs and avoiding confusion.
  • Deferred Compensation Plans – We’ll examine the impact in multiple ways, from the balance sheet to tax consequences, to keep your company healthy and competitive.
  • Business Overhead Expense – We can help you plan how to pay the company bills if you should become temporarily disabled.

Executive Compensation

  • Insurance Planning – Utilizing various strategies with insurance can take you from being a good company to work for, to being a great company to work for.
  • Executive Buy Up Programs – Strategically advantageous but varying widely, we ensure you understand all aspects and choose – or decline – what’s in your best interest.
  • Key Employee Planning – Often overlooked but not by us, we understand the enormous benefits and advantages to your company and show you how to best leverage them.
  • Retirement Plans – At the top of every employee's list and one of our greatest strengths. From design to admin we’ll guide you to a good outcome for all.
  • Executive Group Life – We can help you reward specific employees with additional perks.
  • Split dollar Plans – We help define the true costs, advantages and potential risks, "to offer the right plans at the right time, to the right people, for the right reasons.”

Note: As advisors, we recommend insurance solutions that work for you. If we are also the insurance agent, and you choose to implement our advice, we will earn a commission, which creates a conflict of interest.